Air Classifier For Mineral

Air Classifier For Mineral

air classifier for mineral equipment rapid development

With the rapid development of modern engineering technology, the demand for some of the air classifier for mineral status of raw materials and products is gradually increased. Because ultrafine powder, making the original properties of the material has undergone tremendous changes, which makes some very ordinary nature of traditional materials having a broader range of applications, but also a substantial increase in the value-added products. Currently, the ultra-fine powder in the chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy, electronics, biotechnology, defense and cutting-edge technology has been widely used. Ultra-fine powder material is not only the basis for the preparation of structural materials, which itself is a material having a special function for fine ceramics, electronic components, bio-engineering process, new composite materials, high-quality refractory materials and fine chemicals as well as a number of related materials, etc. Required field.

Ultra-fine powder in the application of modern industry more widely, while air classifier for mineral grade status in powder processing technology has become increasingly important. The primary task of grading the powder is dispersed particles, it is in a monodisperse state, so as to improve the powder fluidity, that ultrafine powder classification technology that particle dispersion. Currently, the grading equipment used by the media can be divided into dry classification (medium is air) and wet fractionation (medium is water or other liquids). Most dry classification is the use of centrifugal force field, inertial force field, etc. grading the powder, which is the rapid development of important fine grading equipment. Wet classification problem more difficult because of dehydration and drying ultra-fine product, and waste water treatment, and thus rarely used.

Due to the high frequency of high-frequency fine screen is used, on the one hand and can damage the surface tension of fine particles of pulp material adhered to the adhesion of coarse particles, thereby reducing the presence of the adhesion between the particulate material, an increase of the particles loose hierarchical separation speed, the material separation provide a good environment better; on the other hand due to the material of the screen surface speed oscillation effect in accelerating large density of useful air classifier for mineral analysis from the action, while increasing less than the probability of a particle size separation of materials in contact with the sieve for separation of materials provides better conditions. So that the particle size is smaller than the separation of the material, especially material than the major together and pulp through the sieve become a sieve product.

In the actual production, we all know, the running speed spiral classifier directly determines the pulp density and the amount of material back to the sand, for the classification of materials of different particle size, should choose a different running speed, coarse air classifier for mineral should use high-speed stirring, air classifier for mineral use low speed stirring, so we can guarantee the amount of sand back to the final classification. Classifier overflow weir in the grading process can be adjusted in different heights for different grader do is going to affect the efficiency of the election, for fine-grained mineral, can be appropriately raise the weir, so that we can increase settlement volume pool, thereby reducing the final classification overflow of pulp density, on the contrary, the air classifier for mineral sorting should opt for a lower weir, so as to ensure air classifier for mineral classification efficiency.

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