Crusher Size Reduction Ratio

Crusher Size Reduction Ratio

Most large-scale crusher size reduction ratio using a three-stage crushing process closed circuit. In coarse, medium and fine three-stage crushing process, the main choice is the key equipment cone crusher. Therefore, select the appropriate cone crusher is the key "multi break less grinding" can be realized. Choose from a wide variety of cone crusher, how to choose which type, in the most suitable crushing process applications, plaguing many mining enterprises. Now all kinds of crusher according to different categories and models to do some brief introduction.

Jaw crusher size reduction ratio of give, the nesting population size and bite angle are two important parameters jaw crusher, jaw crusher in the design, we should rationally determine these two parameters, in order to ensure the crusher have normal work performance and crushing efficiency. Nesting population size crusher, in general, for simple pendulum crusher ratio of 5 to 10, in recent years, in order to get more granular level products, medium and small crusher to advanced crushing chamber, large crushing ratio direction. The biggest reduction ratio up to 17.

Single-stage crusher size reduction ratio is mainly used for crushing brittle ore general (coal, limestone, shale, siltstone, shale, gypsum, etc.) and broken mixture of limestone and clay. Widely used in cement, artificial sand, ceramics, glass, coal, non-metallic mines and new green building materials and other industries. Whether simple or complex structure of double roll crusher, the basic structure is made of metal structural parts, transmission and security control system parts. Double roll crusher metal structure is made of metal material rolled steel profiles and riveting, welding, etc., according to certain structures, regularly linking structure can withstand the load of the body. These metal structures can be made as beams, columns, trusses and other basic components of the force, then force these metal components are connected by welding and bolts together, constitute a bridge, gate, tower, boom and other load-bearing structures, these structures are called Steel.

PE jaw crusher size reduction ratio movable jaw plate and the angle between the fixed jaw plate called bite angle. When moving jaw pressed materials to ensure the movable jaw plate effectively bite material without sliding up and consider raising the productivity of the relationship. Bite angle α jaw crusher is generally in the range of 17 to 26 degrees. Crusher wear parts consumption, low running costs. Reasonable structure, advanced crushing principle and technical data, reliable operation, low operating cost; all components have crusher wear protection, will reduce maintenance costs to a minimum, the general life can be increased by more than 30%. Laminated crushing crusher, excellent finished grain shape. By using a special intergranular laminating crushing chamber design principles and matching speed, to replace the traditional single particle crushing principle, to achieve selective crushing of materials, significantly improved product ratio and cube fines content, to a great extent reduced the flakiness materials.

Crusher size reduction of high conservation hydraulic cavity clearing, hydraulic and automation level ratio, reducing downtime. Hydraulically adjustable discharge opening and crusher overload protection operation level has been greatly improved, and make maintenance easier, more convenient, less downtime; cone crusher iron release the bidirectional hydraulic cylinders allow iron through the crushing chamber, the machine in case of excessive iron and transient nausea vehicle, the hydraulic energy from the top, automatic nesting, greatly reducing the original spring cone crusher downtime required for artificial nesting troubles.

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