Tin Smelting Process Diagram

Tin Smelting Process Diagram

For a long time the results of the tin resources development and utilization, so around the world stockpile of hundreds of billions of tons of old tin tailings election, which was part of the tailings as waste dumps, and some is based on the use of dams stockpiling backwater for the purpose, with the passage of time, the tin resources decreasing, tin smelting process more and more low-grade selected, some close to or even below the old mine tailings, therefore, old tailings as a secondary resource utilization necessity gradually clear.

Tin slag precipitation centrifugal rotary kiln roasting method currently mostly used arsenic removal, sulfur, but is easy to knot kiln calcination kiln, short cycle times. Each cycle work 10 to 19 days, while playing the kiln for 13 to 20 days. Arsenic removal rate of 50% to 60% desulfurization rate of 35% to 45%, the average backlog physical volume 1600 tons, 850 tons of pure tin backlog. SBM dearsenication sulfur rationale tin concentrate roasting kiln, centrifugal precipitation propose tin slag tin concentrate roasting process with new technology. Tin slag precipitated by centrifugation with tin concentrate roasting theory. After centrifugation residue precipitated with 70% tin concentrate, the material nature has changed dramatically, tin smelting process diagram kiln material containing tin grade overall decline, the original metal tin cassiterite mainly turn out to be based. Physical and chemical properties of the material also depends on the tin concentrate.

In recent years, our country has made great progress in the utilization of old tailings, these advances first since the tin smelting process diagram progress becomes possible. Conventional tin concentrates into the smelting reduction furnace grade, generally require up to 40%. Later, because of the volatile rich in ore (fuming) technology to achieve success and put into production, tin grade of greater than 4% of the material to the furnace, and to get good technical and economic indicators. Again due to the development of lean ore roasting temperature chlorination (chlorination) technology, as well as tin-containing material is greater than about 1.5% can into the furnace, and the comprehensive utilization of iron and other associated metals, such as lead, indium, bismuth, copper, etc. .

According to the determination of tin concentrates softening point of 900 ~ 1100 ℃. When the two materials mixed calcined at a temperature of 750 ~ 850 ℃ and slightly reducing atmosphere conditions, due to the centrifugal precipitation 30% slag evenly dispersed in 70% tin concentrate, even arsenic iron sulfide, iron, tin oxide released by burning heat, but concentrate around played a buffer role, it is difficult to produce localized overheating low melting tin-lead melt to soften the adhesive to each other. Mixed feed arsenic, sulfur can react sufficiently good arsenic, sulfur volatile results; kiln work smoothly, stick kiln.

According to my company tin smelting process diagram processing equipment experts, tin sand re-election method generally used for processing, for monomer dissociation high sand tin ore and gold placer mineral processing are basically the same, through simple screen points, you can get a better washing beneficiation indicators. For a low degree of monomer dissociation tin ore sand often also need to go through the rod mill and other processes to break with the living body structure to improve mineral recovery and concentrate grade. Tin sand re-election law has been adopted, based on the principle of gravity separation, the use of tin and waste rock difference in specific gravity to achieve the purpose of sorting, this method has high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and other features. Low investment, high efficiency, can maximize beneficiation benefits. In the major sand washing plant and mining tin tin they are used on board screening - re-election method of treating tin sand, mineral good effect, the application is very common.

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