Cement Production Line Machinery

Cement Production Line Machinery

Cement Production Line

Cement Production Line ( Cement Plant Equipment ) is a series of cement production equipment consisting of cement production line equipment . Mainly by crushing and pre-homogenization , homogenized raw material preparation , preheat decomposition, sintering cement clinker , cement grinding and packaging process of composition.

Raw material grinding processes

Of dry milling and wet milling two kinds. Dry generally use closed operating system , raw cement mill after grinding , sorting into the separator , coarse grinding back into the mill re- operation , and most of the use of the material in the mill while drying and grinding technology , the use of equipment tube mill, the mill and roller mill discharge , etc. Wet commonly used pipe mill , baseball grinding mill is no longer a system through open reflux , but there is also curved screen with a grader or a closed system.


  1. High efficiency , large output ;
  2. Advanced technology, a wide range of applications ;
  3. Dust effect, to avoid dust pollution ;
  4. Automation and control , production safety ;
  5. Professional engineers design, professional production.

Grinding process

Fine grinding of cement clinker grinding process usually circle flow . In order to prevent the production of dust flying , cement plants are equipped with dust collection equipment. Electrostatic precipitator , bag filter and cyclone dust collector , etc. are commonly used in cement plant dust collection equipment. Since the raw material pre-homogenization , homogenizing conveying and dust collection and other aspects of the raw material powder using a new technology and new equipment, especially the production of new technology appears kiln decomposition technique , a dry follow. With this new dry process cement production process so dry process clinker production quality as much wet , power consumption has also been reduced , all countries have become the trend in the cement industry. If you have any questions you can leave us a message, or contact our online customer service, we are happy to serve you.

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