Clay Crusher Machine

Clay Crusher Machine

Clay Applications

Clay is the gritty little sticky soil moisture is not easy to pass there through. Soils containing clay is very easy to combine water, mineral and organic nutrients, because the particles are very small relative to the surface of clay and large surface of an electrode. Some minerals can absorb water, then positive ions and organic molecules to release them.

Wide distribution of clay crusher, divided according to the nature and purpose: refractory clay. Clay brick, cement, clay, ceramic clay, are widely used in industry, culture, medicine, paper and other fields. Clay is needed in the mining crusher assistance, but high viscosity and large clay water, many devices produce adhesions blockage honor, SBM on this issue after a long discussion and design technicians finally broke through the storm, developed a new type of clay crusher. The machine features: low consumption, low noise, high production is not blocked adhesion characteristics.

Clay milling equipment

Clay can be done in the industrial model, model making and art. Artist making clay models, but also directly used to shape art, clay and other chemicals in drinking water processing technology as an ion exchanger. How clay high efficiency, high yield into our industrial raw materials required for it? Our production of mining engineering machinery and equipment, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, CS series cone crusher, mobile crushing plant, hammer break, and vertical mill, high pressure mill, ultrafine mill, Raymond mill, ball mill are good crushing equipment and grinding equipment, there is a very good application and effects in terms of crushing and milling of clay. Shanghai SBM Mining and Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in clay mineral processing equipment, mineral processing clay, clay beneficiation process, the clay mineral processing equipment price consulting services. And provide you with the most reasonable solution clay mineral: crusher, mill, vibrating screen, transmission equipment and so on.

Clay crusher is the German company to introduce the latest technology and the development of high-energy cone crusher has the world's advanced level. The device improves the production capacity and crushing efficiency, but also to expand the range of applications and is today an alternative mining construction industry to replace spring cone crusher and the general hydraulic cone crusher latest generation of products, is a large stone factory and mining crushing the best equipment.

Clay crusher advantages and features

A clay crusher configured insurance cylinders, hydraulic locking cylinders and three hydraulic cylinders push the insurance agencies, not only played the role of insurance, but also to achieve treatment failure without dismantling the machine parts. Second, can automatically adjust the size of the discharge, convenient operation, high reliability. Third, intergranular laminating crushing chamber using the principle of special design, with the corresponding speed, crushing ratio and significantly improve production, increase the cubic content of the finished product. Fourth, in the event of excessive iron and instantly boring cars, hydraulic machine from the top, automatic nesting, greatly reducing the need to break down the old spring cone artificial nesting troubles, easy maintenance, and reduce costs. Fifth, hydraulic adjustment, lubrication and effective labyrinth seals, virtually eliminating the old spring cone crusher common faults such as oil and water mix. Six, broken walls, rolling acetabular wall using high manganese steel production, coupled with protective material layer is broken cavity changes and laminating crushing, abrasion of the machine is greatly reduced, compared to the life of the old cone crusher is generally improved by 35% -82 %.

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