Granite Quarry Equipment

Granite Quarry Equipment


Granite is hard and it has wide application in the building industry. The large scale raw granite materials will be processed and crushed into smaller size for the specific application. The granite processing crusher machine from SBM will be used to break large ones into small ones.

Granite Introduction and Application:

Granite is widely used in road-stone, building blocks. The main use of black granite is in tombstones and other monumental item and decorative applications and so on. Primarily composed of feldspar, quartz accompanied by one or more dark minerals, granite is a very crystalline and hard material.

As the hardest building stone, granite products, such as granite slabs and granite titles, occupy great role in dimensional stones. The principal characteristics of granite also include high load bearing capacity, crushing strength, abrasive strength, amenability to cutting and shaping without secondary flaws, ability to yield thin and large slabs and - above all - durability.

Granite Quarry Process Machine for Sale:

Granite quarry process mainly refers to the granite ore crushing process. As a professional manufacturer of granite quarry crusher process machine, SBM will provide the advanced granite processing machines for sale.

The first step of the granite processing is primary crushing the material with jaw crusher. A continuous stream of water over the crusher is required in order to dissipate heat generated by the process; sufficiently-elevated temperature can cause major machine and material damage. Then through the conveyor the crushed granite is sent to impact crusher or cone crusher for the further processing. Whether the impact crusher or cone crusher is suitable, it is decided by the products' demand and specifications. In the whole processing, vibrating screen and vibrating feeder play great role in transporting the materials.


SBM has focused on developing, designing and selling rock ore processing machine for over 20 years. It has produced the granite quarry equipment for sale with above mentioned. There are different models and types for different clients’ requirements. If you have interests in these processing machines, you can contact SBM through the live chat window on this webpage.

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