Construction Waste Crusher

Construction Waste Crusher

From the perspective of circular economy, the construction waste in the brick, stone, concrete blocks (more than 90% of construction waste) resource utilization, directly to the construction waste crusher for the regeneration of coarse aggregate instead of natural aggregate, or the use of construction waste in the The characteristics of the components produce new building materials. The use of construction waste is an important measure to solve the problem of high energy consumption, high pollution, high emission and low efficiency. It is an important way to save land and save resources. It is an important measure to develop circular economy and build environment-friendly and resource-saving society. , Is to implement the scientific concept of development, to achieve sustainable development, the inevitable requirement to protect the environment, is the only way to achieve sustainable development of the city.

The construction waste is not impossible, if it is effectively handled, and can be used as a renewable resource, bringing significant economic and environmental benefits. Our company's research and development of construction waste disposal equipment is a new type of crushing and screening complex equipment, set feeding, transportation, broken and other processes as one, is the world's more advanced a construction waste crusher, can be processed into garbage Recycled concrete aggregate, the new wall materials, raw materials, road infrastructure materials, so that the utilization of construction waste as high as 98%.

Construction waste crushing equipment

In order to accelerate the development and industrialization of the key technologies of ecological and environmental protection, the eco-city is the industrial park in the north. With the support of national policies and the support of enterprises, SBM focuses on construction waste disposal equipment, mobile waste crusher, etc. New equipment technology, as well as garbage solid waste comprehensive treatment and disposal technology, sanitation facilities operation technology and other technology research and development and industrial applications, to create the leading international eco-environmental protection manufacturers.

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