Extended Impact Crushers The Service Life

Impact breaks the factory to explain how to extend the impact crusher service life

Everyone knows that there are a lot of production impact crusher manufacturers, so there will be different counterattacks in our lives, and impact crusher is also used very widely, but because it is a very important machine, it is also very expensive Therefore, when you use it, you should do a good job of protecting it as far as possible. Then how can you make the lifespan of impact longer? In fact, this is very simple, as long as it is used in peacetime. Basic maintenance and good maintenance can increase the lifespan of impact.

Impact crusher manufacturers for everyone to explain, the first thing to do is to save the impact is broken, is not in use when you need to check every few days, but also depends on the weather to replace the broken storage site, do not put too wet The place is checked at least once a month, and checking according to the quarter is also possible. There is also a need to check the machine each time it is used to see if there is any looseness, if any, to make appropriate adjustments, and to be very careful when using it. Find out what is wrong and stop immediately. Do not continue to use it. Doing the most basic of these can increase the service life of impact.

Impact crusher manufacturers for you to explain impact maintenance knowledge

The use of impact is very extensive, so it is very important to do basic maintenance and maintenance when using it. This is very important, because it can make the service life of impact longer, so how Do a good job of counter-attacking the basic maintenance, impact crusher manufacturers to bring benefits for all companies using counterattacks, and now can come to understand, this can be very good for themselves to save a lot of costs.

First of all, it is the transmission belt that is used for counteracting the broken manufacturers. This is something that must be used to produce some stone materials. Therefore, if you work for a long time, some basic adjustments must be made because it may take a long time to use the conveyor belt. Loosening. There is also the maintenance of mechanical parts. When it is used, it will cause more or less damage to the parts of the machine. Therefore, check if there is any damage, or replace it, otherwise the failure will not be worth the damage. There is a need to shut down after using a period of impact, and then perform a full range of insistence, to see if there is any bad damage, if any, to be timely and perfect, so as to make their own use of impact It takes longer.

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