Gypsum Pillars Making Plant

Gypsum Pillars Making Plant

Gypsum and anhydrite into gypsum, gypsum building made from natural gypsum or chemical gypsum after a certain temperature heating calcined gypsum dehydration so decomposed to give ground hemihydrate gypsum as the main ingredient of the product β-hemihydrate gypsum, is building plaster (called a customary or plaster). Production of construction equipment mainly gypsum kiln, milling machines. β-hemihydrate gypsum is the main form of building plaster, its production process can be summarized as gypsum stone crushing, calcination, grinding three steps. Gypsum board gypsum as the main raw material, fibers, adhesives, modifiers, pressed by kneading, drying. It is a lightweight, high strength, fire, noise insulation, stability, low shrinkage, non-aging, anti-moth new lightweight sheet. Currently, plasterboard has been widely used in the walls of residential, office buildings, shops, hotels and industrial plants and other buildings, wall cladding panels, ceilings, sound-absorbing panels, ground grassroots board and a variety of decorative panels.

Gypsum stone ore using a jaw crusher, impact crusher to 30 mm and transported to the mill finely ground. After the separator after grinding to achieve the desired product fineness of gypsum powder into the rotary kiln calcination proceeds, does not comply will return to mill finely ground product to conform to size after firing. Natural gypsum nontoxic to humans, non-corrosive, construction process blended materials are made of natural inorganic material, therefore, it is the green building materials. Gypsum is a widely used industrial materials and building materials, can be used for cement retarder, gypsum building products, model making, medical food additives, sulfuric acid production, paper filler, paint fillers. Gypsum powder is mills by gypsum pillars making plant obtained by processing environmentally friendly mineral powder. Now, gypsum has aroused more and more attention, has formed a huge new industry, it is mainly used Raymond mill, high pressure mill, the European version of the mill for processing gypsum powder.

Gypsum Pillars Making Plant Production Processes

  1. First: crusher large gypsum ore broken into small particles of less than 30mm, were delivered to the mill grinding;
  2. Second: the separator after grinding to achieve the desired product fineness powder into raw gypsum boiling furnace to calcine the rest returned mill grinding until qualified again. Roaster is building gypsum calcining equipment in the country the most widely used equipment, gypsum pillars making plant equipment simple structure, easy to operate.
  3. Third: calcined gypsum powder into the clinker qualified memory or storage products into the workshop.

SBM ultrafine grinding equipment gypsum processing industry mandatory equipment. SBM making by gypsum pillars plant application example, improve their equipment, production of high-standard products, to help customers solve the solid waste, the production of gypsum, gypsum powder to reduce the cost of production in the processing of gypsum powder has unparalleled advantages, is the 21st century plaster powder processing plant preferred milling machine manufacturers. By pushing forward the continuous mill equipment and technology, to solve the backward past performance, higher cost of production problems, and promote the development of new plaster milling. Gypsum pillars making plant production line using domestic and foreign mature advanced technology and equipment, in line with the customer is responsible, the guidelines and principles of customer service, to ensure product quality from all aspects.

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