Impact Crusher Inspection

Impact Crusher Inspection

What are the contents of the impact crusher to check?

In the process of installation and use, the impact crusher has to go through this stage of inspection. This operation is mainly to check the situation of each part. Only when all parts are intact, can the equipment be started for production, then the inspection What are the main contents?

The impact crusher is an indispensable equipment in large-scale production projects such as mines. There are many problems to be aware of when using it. For example, installation, operation and maintenance, only every part is intact, and the production can be guaranteed smoothly. get on.

The first point, every two months to check the integrity of the crusher, this refers to check the wear of the impact crusher parts, see if the anchor bolts are loose, etc., look at the counterattacks, etc. need to be replaced, etc. ;

The second point, check the lubrication of the spindle bearings every shift, check the bearing wear every year, this refers to the maintenance of the bearing, it is a very core component of the impact crusher, only to ensure its integrity, the equipment can be smooth Operation, so the usual lubrication and wear inspection is indispensable;

The third point is to check the rotor wear condition every month, because during the working process of the impact crusher, the rotor plays a very important role in the crushing process. If the rotor wears seriously, it will lead to the decrease of efficiency and the quality of the finished product. Changes, so regular inspections are required, and wear is severely needed to be replaced.

The article mainly introduces several aspects of the impact crusher that need to be inspected in production, mainly lubrication and wear of parts. These are the necessary conditions to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment, so their inspection is very important.

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