Impact Crusher Troubleshooting

Impact Crusher Troubleshooting

For the failure of equipment production, it needs to be eliminated promptly to restore the performance of the equipment. This is also true for the impact crusher. The occurrence of failure will delay the production process. In order to better eliminate the failure, here is the Let us introduce the problem of how to deal with the common faults in the production of the aircraft.

For a professional manufacturer, not only to create superior products, but also to provide comprehensive services, Shibang is such a manufacturer, its production of mining equipment, has excellent performance, and for the aircraft encountered in the production Any problem, we can provide reasonable help, here is to analyze, Simpang impact crusher in the work of the time, encountered several common problems analysis.

Problem I. The phenomenon of bearing heating, this phenomenon shows that the bearing has a lack of oil, the need for timely refueling, in addition, if the production of the counterattack crusher bearing more oil, there will be a phenomenon of fever Therefore, when refueling, must pay attention to its oil level, according to the requirements to add, there is a situation is that the equipment bearing damage will also appear hot, this time, it needs to be replaced in a timely manner to prevent the production of The greater impact. Problem 2. Abnormal vibration phenomenon is caused by the following reasons: (1) The material particles are large. It is necessary to check the feeding size and add materials according to the production requirements of the impact crusher; (2) Inconsistent wear, this time requires the replacement of worn parts; (3) rotor imbalance caused by the need to adjust the rotor; (4) caused by improper handling of the foundation, this time need to check the anchor bolt and Reinforcement; Problem III. The phenomenon of belt turnover. This current cause factor mainly has three aspects: (1) The belt is worn out, and it needs to be replaced at this time; (2) The belt assembly problem is caused by this time. The pulley is adjusted on the same plane; (3) The quality of the triangle belt of the impact crusher itself is problematic, and to solve this problem, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality inspection when purchasing; Problem 4, the finished product particles are larger, The causes of a phenomenon are mainly three aspects: (1) caused by hammer wear, this time the treatment method is to fight back Machine hammer head adjustment or replacement; (2) Hammer head and counterattack plate gap caused by excessive, this time to adjust its gap, generally adjusted to 15-20mm; (3) too large feed particle size will also affect The size of the material is discharged, so the material needs to be added according to the incoming demand of the equipment.

The article mainly introduces the troubleshooting of impact crushers. There are coup problems in the world. The main reason is that when the machine is working, the causes and solutions of several common failures are introduced. These are mainly to help everyone. Better and faster handling of machine production failures, recovery performance.

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