Mechanical Sand Aggregate Size

Mechanical Sand Aggregate Size

Control mechanism sand aggregate size

In the continuous development of the market, sand and gravel aggregates are still very popular. Due to the large amount of sand and gravel aggregates, the grain size of sand and gravel will be different. The sand and gravel contain impurities, etc., in order to be able to produce sand in accordance with construction. For the specifications of sand and gravel products, we need to pay attention to the above problems. The excessive wear of the iron plate into the crushing chamber and the phenomenon of the crusher truck should solve the problem of controlling the particle size and removing iron.

To control the production granularity of the sand and gravel production line, first install a 600mm × 600mm sieve at the crushing inlet for effective control. By controlling the particle size, the rupture capacity is reduced, and the jaw crusher jaws and the broken truck can be effectively protected. In addition, the iron remover is installed in the discharge port of the jaw crusher of the equipment, which effectively solves the problem. As long as the problem is solved effectively, the durability of the equipment can be ensured, and the production efficiency and output of the sandstone production line equipment can be improved.

Precautions for coarse and fine aggregates entering the site

The coarse aggregate should mainly control its particle size, gradation, grain shape, stone powder content and mud content. Each vehicle is subject to macro inspection. If it is unqualified, it shall not be unloaded. In addition, according to the requirements of the specification, the indicators should be inspected in batches. Fine aggregates should control fineness modulus, mud content and mud content. Each car is subject to macro inspection, and it is not qualified to unload the vehicle. Similarly, batch inspections should be carried out in accordance with the specifications.

Why should the coarse aggregate particle size be controlled at 5~25mm?

The coarse aggregate particle size is limited by the pipe diameter and pumping height of the concrete pumping pipe. The maximum particle size that can be pumped generally decreases with the pumping height. For example, when the pumping height is less than 50 m, the ratio of the maximum aggregate particle size to the conveying pipe diameter is less than 1:3. When the pumping height is 100m, the ratio is reduced to 1:5, otherwise the pipe is easily blocked.

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