Stone Crusher Set Up

Stone Crusher Set Up

Heavy stone crusher

Heavy stone crusher is directly 600-1800 mm maximum particle size of the material crushed to a period of 25 or 25 mm below the broken stone crushing machine . Applicable in the cement, chemical, electric power , metallurgy and other industrial sectors crushing medium hardness materials , such as limestone , slag , coke , coal and other materials in the debris , crushing operations . Used for crushing various mid-hard and abrasive weak materials. Compressive strength of the material does not exceed 100MPa, moisture content less than 15%. Material to be broken coal, salt , chalk , gypsum , brick , limestone and so on. Also used for crushing fiber structure, strong flexibility and toughness of broken wood , paper or broken asbestos cement waste to recycle asbestos fibers and so on. Crushing ratio ( typically 10-25 , the higher up to 50 ) , high production capacity , product uniformity , less excessive phenomenon , low energy consumption per unit of product , simple structure, light quality of equipment , such as easy operation and maintenance .

Many production of stone gravel crusher sub- models , there are jaw crusher , impact stone crusher, hammer stone crusher, stone crusher cone . Of course , the most widely used , the effect is the best stone crusher also produced several SBM Jaw stone crusher and VSI sand making machine . Generally, the child not only needs to produce stone stone crusher , stone crusher needs . The jaw crusher stone crusher and VIS not only able to produce a variety of marbles , but also has a low cost , low wear , production, particle shape and good.

As for how much gravel crusher , but also choose what kind of stone crusher models , different types of stone crusher price is not the same, but a sub-price goods. Although some stone crusher time to buy cheap, but later maintenance and consumable consumption is very large .

Where most advanced crusher

Assault Crusher combines crushing and screening , based on screening machines can be divided into three types : fixed crusher , stone crusher and portable crusher sled classes . Ability to handle the material can be from every hour to every hour tonnes tonnes of granular material is crushed , the expected size of the size can be adjusted according to customer specific settings and situations .

The machine with the most suitable crushing compression strength not more than a variety of soft and hard ore , the small stone crusher ratio, uniform product size , simple structure , reliable operation , easy maintenance. Work small crusher drive extrusion type, motor-driven belt and pulley , through the eccentric shaft to move up and down movement of jaw , jaw rises when moving between toggle plate and moving jaw angle becomes larger, thus promoting the fixed jaw to jaw plates close , and while the material is crushed or split pieces to achieve the purpose of crushing ; maneuver when gravel jaw down, the angle between toggle plate and moving jaw smaller, movable jaw plate under the action of levers , springs , and away from the fixed jaw board, then the crushed material from the crushing chamber discharge port , with motor for continuous rotation and moving jaw periodic motion crushing and waste material , to achieve mass production . If you have any questions, please contact us.

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