Structural Analysis of Impact Plate in Impact Crusher

There are many types of core parts in the impact crusher. Each kind of part has a unique structure. Here we introduce the problem of how the structure of the impact plate is.

For the impact crusher production process, its internal impact plate, square steel, plate hammer, compaction block and other parts play an extremely important role, these different parts themselves have different structures, these structures follow In the process of development, the machine needs constant optimization. This optimization greatly improves the performance of the equipment. Here we analyze the problem of how the structure of the impact board is one of the core components of the aircraft.

First of all, let's first analyze the importance of impact plates. In the interior of impact crushers, impact plates play an important role—to withstand the impact of material hammered by the plate hammer, and to break the material and impact it. The shattered material rebounds back into the impact zone and is subjected to impact crushing again to obtain the desired product particle size. From this analysis, it can be seen that if there is no impact or if it is damaged, the production process cannot be performed smoothly.

After analyzing the importance of the impact board, let's introduce its structure. In general, the part has many forms, which can be mainly divided into two types: fold line shape and arc shape, in which the fold line shape counter face can make The material on each point of the impact board is impacted in an approximately vertical direction. The impact crusher adopts this type of impact board to obtain a better crushing effect, and the arc-shaped counter-attack surface can make the material block rebound from the impact board. After it came out, a fierce impact crush zone was formed in the center of the circle to increase the free impact crushing effect of the material.

After analyzing the function and structure of the impact plate in the impact crusher, we can see that when the part is working, it will be subjected to a larger impact force, in order to reduce the effect of this force on it. In the manufacturing of the part, damage is required to be made by welding the steel plate. The counter surface is equipped with a wear-resistant lining plate, but it can also be composed of a counter roller or a slat plate. Different forms of composition have different production effects, and the customer can The actual needs are chosen.

The article mainly introduces the structural analysis of impact plates in impact crushers. It shows the importance of the components inside the equipment and then introduces the structure of the components. There are two main types. Each of them is analyzed in detail. In addition, it is also given that the parts need to be welded using steel plates due to wear and tear, and their service life is improved, so that the equipment can better complete the production tasks.

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