Raymond Mill Equipment For Industrial Use

Raymond Mill Equipment For Industrial Use

Industrial specialized Raymond mill grinding equipment

Tell from history, the earliest industrial mill for Raymond mill, the earliest used for powder coal homework, so much so that in the market now also used to put the industrial mill are collectively referred to as Raymond mill, Raymond mill, Raymond mill, ray machine, etc. Industrial common flour mill, its are basic device types are: Raymond mill, hung high pressure roller mill and ladder type mill, vertical mill, ball mill, jet mill powder machine. With the opening of the Raymond mill grinding roller structure of the industrial mill after years of continuous improvement, has implemented the update time and again, from high voltage suspension roller mill to ladder type mill, so that the euro ladder type mill, vertical mill, etc., are all on the basis of Raymond mill, abandon the inherent equipment defects and the insufficiency, according to the actual demand for continuous improvement is developed.

The reason Raymond mill price difference

Some customers say "buy mill, check online several Raymond mill price, the price they quoted was not the same, how is it ah, a lot of difference, do not know the ex-factory Raymond mill How much? "In fact, the reason is very simple, because Raymond mill there are a variety of models, different models of Raymond mill price difference is quite large.

About Consumers like consulting Raymond mill price, Raymond mill price or prices of such words, in fact, this is a very vague concept, Raymond mill there are many different types and models, so Raymond Price, Raymond mill prices, mill price difference is quite large. I suggest you according to your requirements such as product fineness, product yield and procurement budgets to choose the right model and considering whether to accept Raymond Price.

With the development of the society, powder enterprises is becoming more and more high to the requirement of mill, low product fineness, ordinary Raymond mill grinding fineness, generally below 500 mesh, these devices can only occupy the lower-end powder application market, and the original mechanical failure rate is high, the big power consumption, noise, and exhaust emissions. Old Raymond mill system efficiency is low, the product collection system of the separation effect is not ideal, a large number of fine powder can not get effective collection and in the system of power waste caused by repeated cycle. New high pressure mill is on the basis of long-term experience in research and development of powder, according to several grinder using requirements of users at home and abroad and the suggestion, on the basis of the original Raymond mill by studying design newest pulverizing equipment, thus created a new era of international industrial milling efficiency, low energy consumption.

Compared with the Raymond mill under dynamic conditions, such as high pressure grinding on the same yields by 10-20%, roller under the action of the material of ground pressure in a high-pressure spring 800-1200 kg. At present, the development trend of 3 to 5 years new mill equipment of high pressure grinding will likely be completely replace Raymond mill become one of the most professional powder in China.

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